She is Me


About 2 weeks after my mom passed, I remember seeing this plant and it was filled with dead leaves. I told my husband, “She’s dead. Throw her out babe!” When I turned around, he was bringing her upstairs. When I asked what he was doing, he kindly responded, “I’m just not ready to give up on her yet. I’m going to cut her dead leaves down and relocate her.” I instantly heard the Lord say in my spirit, “That’s exactly how I feel about you Ev!”😭😭

As my husband walked away holding, what appeared to be a lifeless plant, I cried. My God! I told my husband, “Babe, the Lord just used you to speak to me.” That plant is me! I explained in detail to my husband as God was speaking to me. From then on, I was so curious to see what happened to her! (Yeah, I said her, lol.) I told my husband, she is me!

Des put her near a window upstairs and cut her leaves down to where you only saw about 1” of green. I wish I took the picture then, but a few weeks later, I saw her and noticed she began to grow. She grew and grew!

Today, I took the picture of her on the right and I thought the following:

She’s growing, developing, and blooming! She’s beautiful and although many may have saw her at her worst and chose to give up on her, Her FATHER NEVER DID!! She is magnificent, defies odds, and is blooming in a different place! She…is…ME!!! Thank you God!!😭😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


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