Who I’m Becoming

Don’t be hard on yourself based on the season you’re in right now or what God has done or not done so far in your life. Don’t you know that what and who you are becoming is a miracle in itself from God?!

Who I’m becoming today, as I reflect back on all that I experienced,
is nothing short of another small miracle in my own life. I have made a
decision that no matter what I go through, no matter the trials I have
faced, to trust, believe, and serve the Lord. I sought God for my healing. I have used my pain, loss, trials and tribulations to help others who have faced the same. My testimonies, along my journey in life, have and will continue to encourage
others to not give up, but rather wait on God! My life has been a living,
walking example that all things work together for the good of those who
love God and are called according to His purpose.

As I see the woman I am today, I get emotional just thinking about
how I was able to excel in Christ despite the opposition I have faced. I
have imagined how proud my Mom would have been if she could see me now. My trials literally have propelled me in the Kingdom of God. I am not a
victim, but a victor in Christ. My pain has been used for purpose. This was possible only because of the grace, mercy, and power of Christ. I made a decision to NOT GIVE UP ON GOD, but rather hang on, believe, and trust Him in all things, even in my darkest, most confusing hours. I know I am still growing and developing and that the best is yet to come! Therefore, who I’m becoming, even after this, is…a…miracle!

If He did it for me, I know He can and will do it for you!

Come on and prophesy over who you’re becoming! It doesn’t matter
what you’ve been through. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or feels like.
It doesn’t matter what the doctors say, prophesy life and life in abundance!
God is still on the throne. He is still a miracle working God and there is
NOTHING that is too great for Him. I declare that who you are becoming is also a miracle from God in Jesus name. I declare the best is yet to come for you. This is the ending of your old thinking, old hurts, old pains, and the beginning of your new in Jesus name! May who you become, in spite of what you are facing, be a miracle from God in Jesus’ mighty name. May the trials you face today, be used to birth miracles in your own life in the matchless name of Jesus. #TrialsThatBirthMiracles


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